Submit your low-carbon scenario for Belgium with the new ‘’ public tool



The webtool models the 5 sectors with the most greenhouse gas emissions in Belgium: transport, buildings, industry, energy supply and agriculture. It is designed to inspire non experts to simulate low carbon pathways in Belgium. is based on the low-carbon Belgian expert tool developed in 2013 by the PFS Environment administration, with the support of Climact. Both models are publicly available on the website The tool uses 13 levers while the expert tool uses 64. It also adds a graphical interface enabling the users to visualize the consequences of the chosen ambition levels.


Short videos explains the main low-carbon transition stakes within each sector. When the user has defined a scenario by adapting the ambition levels, he sees the impact of his choices on GHG emission reductions, energy consumption and costs of the energy system.


Beyond the online tool, also has a pedagogical aspect as it comes with a teacher manual and will be used to raise awareness amongst students in schools. The administration also plans to give training sessions to interested teachers.


On the social media side, the tool invites the users to share their scenario and to graphically compare it with other user scenarios (e.g. is my scenario more behavioral, more technical or more ambitious than the others).


Now that you know more about this tool, why don’t you discover it by yourself and submit your scenario?


[Press release available here]